About the Email Standards Project

The Email Standards Project is about working with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email. The project was formed out of frustration with the inconsistent rendering of HTML emails in major email clients.

Our mission is to drive the use and support of web standards in email, working with email client developers to ensure that emails render consistently. This is a community effort to improve the email experience for designers and readers, and we’d love your help.

Who is behind the Email Standards Project?

The very early stages of the Email Standards Project have involved just a few passionate teams and individuals who decided to stop just complaining about HTML email standards and start doing something about it. We expect as the project gathers momentum that a lot of other people will become involved, and we would love the help!

Major contributions in getting this far have come from:

If you would like to be involved in the Email Standards Project, check out what you can do to help.

What will the Email Standards Project actually do?

What’s the end goal for the Email Standards Project? The idea is that some time in the future web designers will be able to rely on a solid, consistent level of web standards support when designing and building HTML emails.

To get to that point, we’re taking a two pronged approach, modeled on the Web Standards Project. The first prong is education: Help web designers understand why web standards matter for email, so that they are willing to get involved in making it happen.

The second prong will be providing as much assistance and feedback to the email client developers as we can. We know they have a lot of competing pressures, and we want to be as constructive as possible in making our case, and helping them to see where changes need to be made. You can see the beginnings of this with our email acid test results.

As the project grows, there will be more specific activities planned and content created to help us reach our goals. Keep an eye on the blog for updates and progress reports.

Get in touch with us

You can contact us at , we’d love to hear from you.