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Getting some Gmail attention

Posted by Mathew Patterson on January 30, 2008 in Buzz

Last year Gmail asked their users to contribute to a collaborative video featuring the Gmail 'M'. This year they are doing something similar with their story videos. These are pretty cool, a smart idea well executed.

Here at the Email Standards Project we're not above borrowing a good idea, especially if it could help get some attention from Google! We're going to put together our own video from photos you guys send in. Here's the plan:

Project Gmail Grimace

Step 1. Make a face: We want to collect as many as possible head shots of web designers showing the face they make when trying to get their emails to render properly in Gmail. We know that Gmail has a few issues, and we've all made some faces out of frustration. So grab a camera, a webcam, a set of crayons or whatever, and capture that moment when you really can't take it any more.

Step 2. Join the Flickr group: We've setup a Flickr group Project Gmail Grimace that is open to all. You should jump over and join the group, all free.

Step 3. Post your photo: Upload your photo to your own Flickr account, and go to the photo's page. Click the "Send to Group" button between the photo title and the photo. Then choose the "Project Gmail Grimace" group.

That's it! We'll start collecting photos and when we have a reasonable number, cut them together somehow and make a nice video message to hopefully attract some attention from the right people at Google. I'm sure that among all you Email Standards Project supporters there is plenty of talent who could help us do that. This is just a fun way to keep the momentum going and make ourselves heard. Everyone can participate - even if you don't have a Flickr account, send us your photos directly.

Project Gmail Grimace is go!

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