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Gmail Appeal Update - We have contact!

Posted by Mathew Patterson on April 14, 2008 in Email Client News

Only a few days after the release of our 2008 Gmail Appeal video, we have had some success!

Although in the initial launch of the Email Standards Project we did not hear from Google at all, last week we heard from a Google Engineer who (although we can't currently publish his name and details) is in a great position to investigate and perhaps make some improvements.

Thanks to the excellent 20% time offered to Google staff, a passionate engineer who has seen our video is going to use his time to explore what the situation is regarding Gmail's rendering, and how it might be improved.

Although 20% of one person's time might seem a small amount, it is a huge win that we have made contact with someone who has the right contacts and skills, and is willing to talk to us. Thanks go to everybody who took part in Project Gmail Grimace, and everyone who has promoted the Email Standards Project in any way.

We're really excited about this, and looking forward to some progress at some point in the future. Please leave a comment thanking our Google friend below!

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