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Lotus Notes 8 Update — IBM responds

Posted by Mathew Patterson on December 24, 2007 in Email Client News

When we first tested Lotus Notes 8 we were using the readily accessible POP/IMAP version of the service. Although we did not know it at the time, there is a very significant difference between that version and Lotus Notes running on Domino Server.

A representative from IBM contacted us very soon after the Email Standards Project site launched to let us know, and we updated the results with a message explaining the version we tested on. We’ve been in conversation with IBM since then, and wanted to keep you all up to date with the situation.

Lotus Notes (Domino Server) vs Lotus Notes (POP/IMAP)


As you can see in these partial screenshots, the Domino server version renders much closer to our Acid Test. IBM tells us that almost 90% of their customers are using Lotus Notes 8 with Domino Server, which use Internet Explorer for HTML email rendering when viewing emails. This is great news! Your subscribers on Notes may be getting a better experience than previously thought.

However, 10% of (a very large number) is still a lot of people, and since there is not any immediate way to know which version any person is using, you can’t necessarily rest easy. IBM tell us that there is internal attention being paid to this issue, and that there is a push on to have the POP version improve support in a future version. There are no promises yet that this will actually happen, but they are listening, and the Email Standards Project has made an impact.

So our thanks to IBM for their responsiveness, and their willingness to be open to discussion on this, even if they are not able to make changes immediately. We look forward to continuing the conversation. Now if we could just find someone from Gmail with the same approach…

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