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Novell Groupwise passes with flying colors

Posted by Mathew Patterson on May 23, 2008 in Email Client News

Novell Groupwise is the third biggest player in the corporate email market behind Outlook Exchange and Notes. A while ago we heard from a Groupwise product manager at Novell, Alex Evans, who wanted to test against our email acid test. We sent Alex the email, and he soon had some great news for us.

Novell Groupwise, in it’s current version 7, renders the acid test perfectly, which puts it right up with Apple Mail and Yahoo Mail in terms of support for modern HTML and CSS.


This is for the Windows version of Groupwise. The excellent result also applies to the WebAccess version, and although the testing has not been completed, Linux and OSX version are also expected to meet the same levels.

Great job Novell team! We appreciate your efforts in building your product, and also in being prepared to test your client against our emails. We look forward to similar results for some other email clients in the not too distant future!

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