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Stand up for web standards in HTML email

Posted by Mathew Patterson on November 27, 2007 in Site Updates

As designers ourselves, we’ve been through the fight for web standards in browsers, and are enjoying the rewards today, with standards support at an all time high. However, when it came to HTML emails, we felt like Marty McFly going back to 1998, still having to use structural tables instead of nice CSS.

From our Campaign Monitor and MailBuild customers we continually heard the same thing - why is it so hard to build a decent HTML email? The answer was not that nobody really cared, it was that the people who cared weren’t in a position to make any difference, or were not getting any support.

That’s what the Email Standards Project is about: Making sure that people do care, that they do see why having standards support for email clients is important. And about making sure that our voices are heard by the people who can make a difference, the email client developers.

This is not about complaining or being unrealistic. It’s about making contact with the right people, and getting them all the support they can use to improve their email clients. We want to work with the design community and the email clients to set some goals for email standards so that we can aim at a future when HTML email is not so hard.

So welcome to the Email Standards Project, it’s great that you’ve ended up here. Have a look around the website, and read more about why web standards are important for email. Then, if you agree, investigate some ways you can help.

We’d love to hear from you, so make sure you leave a comment or drop us an email, and signup for the email newsletter or RSS feeds to keep up to date. It’s time for Email Standards.

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Email standards project al via - Il sito del progetto Email standards project, ufficialmente lanciato oggi, è dedicato a chi si interessa, per lavoro o per diletto, alla resa del codice HTML nei vari client email presenti sul mercato. Il progetto va a colmare un vuoto enorme nel pano...

Trackback from Anything + Everything on 29 November 2007

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Trackback from Blog informatique on 30 November 2007

Les mail html ont eux aussi enfin leurs standards - Je ne sais pas exactement s’ils en ont la légitimité, mais voici venu l’email standards project qui comme sont nom l’indique se veut le référenciel pour la standardisation des mails et tout partculièrement les mail au format html...

Trackback from Blog on 30 November 2007

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Trackback from Lee Munroes Blog on 03 December 2007

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