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Yahoo! Mail Update: Now in Full Compliance of Acid Test

Posted by Mark Wyner on February 14, 2008 in Email Client News

The Yahoo! Mail team was not satisfied with their acid test results, even though they only lacked support for a single item on our list. So they went off and remedied the bug and are now in 100% compliance.

When we launched the Email Standards Project we reported that the Yahoo! Mail clients rendered our acid test nearly flawlessly, falling short only on the list-style-image property. Shortly thereafter we announced that Yahoo! responded, not willing to accept a score of less than 100%.

I worked with a member of their development team who claimed their client actually did support this CSS property. We discovered that the issue was not a lack of support for list-style-image, but rather a lack of support for the shorthand list-style. Yahoo! pledged to remedy this shortcoming but didn’t promise any target dates. I therefore assumed it wasn’t a huge priority.

Well, the Yahoo! team again puts their best foot forward and shows us they care about our initiative. They have remedied this bug in both the “classic” and “new” versions of Yahoo! Mail, offering 100% compliance of our acid test. Our hats off to you, Yahoo! Mail.

Note About Longhand Versus Shorthand CSS Properties

As a result of our discovery that longhand and shorthand could render differently in email clients, we thought it would be best to test a longhand-only version of our acid test. As it turns out, we only discovered two differences in rendering:

  1. The Yahoo! Mail bug for list-style-image, which is obviously now a thing of the past.
  2. Windows Live Hotmail does not support the background property, so background colors are unsupported with shorthand of that property. Whereas within longhand we use background-color, which is supported.
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