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Yahoo! Responds!

Posted by Mark Wyner on December 18, 2007 in Email Client News

I find it truly amazing how responsive the folks at Yahoo! have been to many of the articles/posts I have written. They are actively involved in community discussions and receptive to notes about how things can be improved. This time, they respond to our call for standards-based email clients.

What strikes me profoundly is that while they have been ranked among the best performing email clients (regarding support for web standards) they are still unsatisfied. They want to support 100% of our recommendations, and for that they have my applause. Oh, those over achievers.

We reported that Yahoo! Mail (both New and Classic) supports our entire list sans list-style-image. Brian Goodman of the Yahoo! Mail team contacted us to report that they believed their client did indeed support that property. As we discussed possible variables which might be altering the results on various platforms, etc., we discovered that the problem actually resides with a shortcoming Yahoo! Mail has with CSS shorthand. As it turns out list-style-image is supported while list-style is not.

But most seasoned web designers use shorthand because it saves time and bytes. Especially in the email environment where every byte is valuable. The folks at Yahoo! Mail could have shrugged their shoulders and walked away, satisfied with their level of support. But they decided that support for shorthand is important and are going to do something about it.

I am happy to report that Yahoo! Mail has responded to our call! They are going to dig into their application, find the source of this deficiency and crush it. Yes, folks, with one of their future releases Yahoo! Mail will support 100% of our recommendations. When we see this come to fruition we will report the news, so stay tuned.

Thank you, Yahoo!

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