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AOL Webmail

STATUS: Solid Support screenshot

Summary: Bravo! AOL produces a model webmail client, supporting every single item on our list and a whole lot more. We can only hope that other webmail-client developers will learn from the support AOL's webmail client offers without compromising security. Last updated: 13 July 2011

Full Support
  • Background-image
  • Background-position
  • Background-position a:hover
  • Border
  • Color/background-color
  • Descendant-selectors
  • Float/clear
  • Font family/size/weight/style
  • Font-family names with quotes
  • Font inheritance
  • Line-height
  • List-style-image
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Varying link-colors
  • Width/height

Find out more about CSS support in this email client.

Version History

28 Nov 2007
Initial recommendations added

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