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Apple MobileMe

STATUS: Solid Support screenshot

Summary: In July of this year .Mac was replaced with a new product called MobileMe.

MobileMe has improved in almost every area where .Mac failed. Aside from some strange header tag issues, MobileMe supports nearly everything on our list. Couple that with an incredibly appealing interface and user experience, MobileMe looks like a great client that doesn't sacrifice on speed, security and features. Last updated: 15 August 2008

Full Support
  • Border
  • Font-family names with quotes
  • Background-image
  • Background-position
  • Color/background-color
  • Descendant-selectors
  • Float/clear
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Varying link-colors
  • Width/height
  • Font family/size/weight/style
  • Font inheritance
  • List-style-image
Partial/No Support (Cosmetic):
  • Background-position a:hover
  • Line-height

Find out more about CSS support in this email client.

Recommendations for Improvement

Normal Priority recommendations

While not absolutely critical, we would like to see Apple improve MobileMe to support the following CSS properties:

Background-position a:hover Using a:hover to change the position of a background image therein the a tag is a widely used technique for interactivity in standards-based design. It is most often used to change background colors/images for faux buttons and navigation elements, typically comprising HTML text. While not critical to an email design, it enhances an experience with visual cues for linked elements.

Line-height With a lack of support for line-height, a design hardly falters to a state of unreadability or inaccessibility. But this property allows a design to breathe and increases the efficiency at which someone reads. Thus it adds value when used properly.

Version History

15 Aug 2008
.Mac changed to MobileMe. Shows significant rendering improvements.
28 Nov 2007
Initial recommendations added

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Work for Apple?

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