The Email Standards Project works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email.

Our goal is to help designers understand why web standards are so important for email, while working with email client developers to ensure that emails render consistently. This is a community effort to improve the email experience for both designers and readers alike.

What you can do to support the Email Standards Project

Whether it's spreading the word about our cause, helping out with additional research or telling us the secret handshake for the Gmail team, we'd love your help. This truly is a community effort and every little bit helps.
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Outlook 2011 for Mac to render HTML email via Webkit?

Mathew Patterson / Oct 27 / 15 comments

A hugely promising report from 9to5Mac that the Mac version of Outlook 2011 uses the webkit framework to render email, rather than MS Word. Read more »

Outlook remains the same

Mathew Patterson / Aug 17 / 15 comments

After a long break, we're back to keep you up to date with changes (and the lack of changes) in the email client market place. Read more »

Microsoft prove they’re listening

Dave Greiner / Aug 21 / 21 comments

Microsoft send us a clear message that they're listening to our feedback about HTML rendering in the next version of Outlook. Check out the photos of the Office team with the Fix Outlook mosaic. Read more »

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