Flex your design muscle

We thought about creating some ‘I support Email Standards’ type badges for the site, but then it occurred to us that we had tons of talented designers who probably have some fantastic ideas for pimping the project. Find out how you can make your mark by using your own creativity.

ESP Logo

Download a version of the Email Standards Project logo in vector format (AI CS3 compatible, AI CS compatible, EPS) or as a 24-bit PNG .

What you can do

The Email Standards Project will only be successful in improving support for web standards in email with the help of the design community. We’re in our infancy but there are a few ways you can make a real contribution to the project.  Although individually they may seem small, in aggregate they can have some real impact. 

Spread the word

To make a difference, we need to make our voices heard.

Blog about it or link to it

The simplest and possibly the most effective of all options - help us to get the word out about the Email Standards Project. If you have a blog, then consider composing a post about your experiences designing HTML emails, and what the Email Standards Project is doing to improve the situation.

You can use the resources on this site to get some details, screenshots and badges to save some time. Even if you don’t agree with everything, just starting the discussion will help. Bookmark the site in del.icio.us or Ma.gnolia or any other bo.ookmarki.ng service you use, with a short description of what it is about.

Mention it in your forums or newsletter or other mediums, to help raise awareness.

Articles and Public Relations

If you are yourself a journalist or writer who is in a position to mention the Email Standards Project, then that would be highly appreciated, and feel free to about that. If you write articles for your own site or others, and you would like to write about HTML email standards, you can help there too.

Introduce us

Do you know someone who works with Gmail, Outlook or any other email client? Can you put us in touch with someone who might? Those kinds of contacts are vital in starting a conversation that can result in real change. We’d love to hear from you if you can help in this way.

Every one of these options will help build momentum and attention, and that’s what will get results.

Contribute information

A second way to help is to provide us with more information about how email clients currently support web standards. We’ve tried to cover the major issues with our email acid test results, but email clients can change quickly. Particularly with webmail clients, where changes can be rolled out in an hour and affect every user.

If you notice a change in the way emails are rendered, or an improvement in support, please , and we’ll share it on the blog. Also, if you come across some more general information, statistics or quotes about HTML email, feel free to pass them on too.

Educate clients and designers

This is a great way to pass on the goals of email standards - by educating other people. Not every web designer keeps up to date with standards and actions like this project, and if you are involved in a web group, teach students or just interact with other designers online, you can help them. Point them to this website, or to your own information about why web standards matter for email.

The more people who hear about it, the more will reconsider their default ‘HTML email is bad’ stance. Perhaps you can do a BarCamp presentation on standards in email, or write an article for your companies tech staff. If you do, make sure you let us know and we can share it with the rest of the community.

The same goes for your clients - if you are building them a website, offer a standards based HTML email newsletter, and make sure you let them know why standards are important. They may not truly ‘get it’, but if you don’t do it, they’ll create something in Word that will only give the anti-HTML email crowd further ammunition.

If you are an email client developer

We’d love to hear from anyone who is involved in developing email clients. We know you guys have got a really tough job, and we want to help as much as we can. Drop us a line and let us know what you think, and what would be most useful to you, and we will do our best to provide it.

So those are the main ways you can show your support for email standards, and help make it happen. If you have something else in mind, or specific skills or information you think could help, please .